2021 Top 5 Nightclub & Lounge in Queens

Ever wondered where the best parties go down in Queens New York, well we believe you should know where the go to spots are so we decided to let you know the Top 10 Nightclubs in Queens.

  1. Sif Lounge

Located In Elmhurst Queens New York 88-19 31st Avenue. Opened throughout the week, after NYC light go out and the party starts Sif lounge takes you to another level of entertainment.

2. Acapulco Astoria

Talk about a way to enjoy the nightlife experience in sports bar located in Astoria Queens. With over 20 Tables for VIP Bottle service.

3. Amadeus Nightclub

The 3 story ultra mega nightclub with

a unique VIP bottle service experience with dedicated entry into the nightclub. Well you found the right place! Club Amadeus In Queens New York

4. Havana Blvd

Cuban Style restaurant & lounge with an ambience that will leave you and your friends ready to come back for more

5. Republic Astoria

formerly known as Azur Astoria republic is now one of the hottest lounges in Astoria queens with its drinking & dancing vibe we can’t complain that this is the hotspot to go to

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