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Amadeus Nightclub

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

The Show Saturdays at Amadeus Nightclub

Come Party Under the Lights Not Just because of the Atmosphere, but also because we have the Music By the hottest Radio and Local Disk Jockeys in the Tri-state area. We will have you Captivated by the Live Performances throughout the night and the entertainment, WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! So Why Party at Amadeus NightClub? Well, because in 2019 Amadeus Nightclub was Rated the number 1 Themed Nightclub in New York City Queens. For more information on The Show Saturdays at Amadeus nightclub please click on the link that follows More Information here


Don’t you Hate it When You’re Looking for Places to Celebrate a Birthday, but they Have No Birthday Packages and its a Huge Hassle! Well Look No Further Because When you Celebrate a Birthday with us at Amadeus Nightclub We Offer the Best VIP Birthday Packages. We Elevate Your Experience because you are Celebrating a Momentous Occasion, so we Strive to Make Your Birthday One to Remember. Plus, Why Not Celebrate a Birthday at the Most Beautiful Night Club Amadeus Queens NYC. Just When You Thought it Couldn’t get Any Better, THERE’S MORE, because We Make Sharing the Information to Your Friends EASIER by Providing you with Your Personalized Birthday Flyer, that includes All the Information Needed for YOUR NIGHT, because the Less Questions, the More Partying, Right?

Also, During your Festivities We Raise the Excitement because WE MAKE YOU THE MAIN ATTRACTION AND THE SHOUT OUTS FROM THE DJs Over the Sound System, make it known. You cant Celebrate a Birthday without a Birthday Cake right, but lets be honest, Real Cakes at a Club is no good, so we fixed that, not only will you get a Light Show Parade at Amadeus Nightclub when you Celebrate a Birthday, you will also get a Decorative Happy Birthday Cake and a Huge sign with YOUR NAME, because we want you to feel VIP when you Celebrate a Birthday with us at Amadeus Nightclub NYC


Your Best Nightclub Experience Starts Here with Bottle Service, because we Elevate the Experience! How, You May Ask? Well, because the Bottle Service Experience at Amadeus Nightclub is like No Other, the Light Show Lamborghini and Ferrari Parade that Comes to Your Table Makes Reserving Your Bottle Service More of an Experience, Rather than Just Your Ordinary Nightclub Experience. Also, Imagine Being the Center of Attention While the Disc Jockey is Shouting Your Name Out Over the Loudest Speakers because you are a VIP After all

How does Hassle Free sound to you, because if you’re getting Bottle Service you are VIP, no? Allow us to Show you what a VIP Experience is Supposed to be like with our VIP Bottle Service Express Entrance. Coast to the VIP line with Ease, also with bottle service comes your OWN GUEST LIST Which Heightens the Overall Experience because Everyone will be Saying your Name From the Front, at guest list, to the DJ Booth, We Will Make Your Night, ONE FOR THE BOOKS!

Entrance Fee for The Show at Amadeus Nightclub

• Everyone FREE Entrance Before 12am with an Eventbrite Ticket

Hours Of Operation

Monday - Thursday - Closed

Friday & Saturday - 10pm - 4am

Sunday - 4pm - 10pm


We at Amadeus Nightclub Strive on Providing the Best Nightlife Experience with the Most Beautiful People, which is why we Strongly Enforce Our Dress Code Policy because at the end of the day we Want Everyone to Come out Looking their Best at Amadeus Night Club. So, if dressing accordingly isn’t for you, then Amadeus Nightclub is not for you, but if you’re into Always Looking your Best, then WELCOME! So, Please Read Below to make Entrance Hassle Free Because We Want to Start the Festivities!



Amadeus Nightclub

79-51 Albion Avenue

Elmhurst New York 11373

So if you want to Party in a Place like No other because this is a place like no other, then you have reached the right place because Amadeus Nightclub Queens is the Only Place for the Ultimate Experience, Celebrate a Birthday, Reserve your Bottle Service, or have a drink we have something for you here because its here where the fun begins!

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